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“You can analyse the past, but you have to design the future”

~ Edward de Bono

Helping You Grow The Value Of Your Business


We are a niche advisory firm looking to add value to our clients businesses by following proven methodologies and frameworks.


We help businesses experiencing growth challenges when growing headcount

As a Certified Organizational ReWilding Adviser, we focus on solving business growth challenges at their point of origin rather than the identifiable surface pain. The ReWild Group’s proprietary assessment tools have been developed to identify the key missing elements in business organizations. The ReWild Group’s proprietary Organizational ReWilding framework is then used to infuse key elements into the organization, which have a positive ripple effect and often unexpected impact on the business.


We help businesses who have matured and stabilized that are struggling to unlock business value

As a Certified Value Builder, we coach and guide our clients through a 12 module program throughout the year, focusing on 8 key value drivers to increase their company’s overall value. Businesses at various stages of their lifecycle benefit from this holistic approach, whether it’s start-ups wanting to lay the correct foundations on which to grow, small businesses looking to optimise the way they currently operate, or mature businesses where owners are looking to maximise their business’ value before they exit.


We help early stage DeepTech businesses who have great ideas but lack to business experience to scale

Working together with Riverbanks Solutions, we help accelerate their business competitive advantage, growth and profitability by sharing and teaching them a growth hacking framework. Riverbanks’ Entrepreneur’s Journey is a unified, holistic framework that provides science entrepreneurs with a set of tools to unlock the most efficient path along the business development process, from the first step to the last.


What we bring to the table

Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, seldom have the time to step back from their businesses and gear them correctly to build and asset of value over time. This is where we add value and our advisory, coaching and consulting services are backed up by 25 years of business experience and knowledge in areas such as:

Business Structures & Operations

Strategic Thinking & Planning

Product & Systems Development

Product Management

Business Analysis

Business Process Management

Project Management

Market Research & Analysis

Marketing & Advertising

Social Media

Brand Management

Pre-Sales & Solution Architecture


We are part of a global network of Certified Advisors, which allows us to tap into that network for knowledge, support and bring in additional resources for any size client engagement.

Profile (rounded edges)

Chris Baisch


Chris has 25 years of business experience in various industries and fields of expertise. He has been involved in businesses at all the stages of their lifecycle, from starting his own business, to working in mature start-ups and small business environments, to finally spending time in the corporate world too.

Chris is passionate about putting all his experience and expertise back into entrepreneurial and small businesses, to help them grow and mature, so that they can have a positive impact on their local economies.


As an internationally Certified Life Coach, Chris also has a broader outlook on life which he brings to the table, for more information about that, visit The Best Version Of You.