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Organizational ReWilding: An Introduction To A New Business Growth Framework

CEOs, MDs and Business Owners of SMBs, here’s something to consider when developing your Business Strategies for 2021.

Recently, I introduced the concept of Organizational ReWilding and The Stages of Growth methodology (see links to videos here).

Now I’m going to go deeper into The Stages of Growth methodology, which uniquely identifies the “rules of the game” that business owners and leaders must navigate to achieve sustainable growth.

The reason growth is so difficult is that the rules change as the complexity of your organization – measured by the number people in your organization – increases.

This is why it seems like what used to work no longer does; the rules have changed.

As a business leader, when you understand The Stages of Growth, you will be better able to:

🔹 Communicate clearly with your team about the rules of your organization’s current stage.

🔹 Diagnose and identify solutions to the issues your organization faces.

🔹 Enable your organization to become “unstuck” or to successfully handle rapid growth.

🔹 Understand your impact as a leader on your company’s performance.

🔹 Direct the forces that drive your company’s profitability.

More details on each stage will be published soon.