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Unpacking The Subscription Economy (Series) – 7. The Simplifier Subscription Model


This series of articles follows on from an article I published recently, titled “Unpacking The Subscription Economy”, where I mentioned that subscription businesses are more valuable and appealing to investors than traditional businesses, because they are more predictable to operate and they extend the lifetime value of a customer. This article looks at The Simplifier Subscription Model.


The Simplifier Subscription Model

The Simplifier Subscription Model involves taking a service you provide and establishing a contract with your customers to provide your service on an ongoing basis. If the customers know they are going to need your service regularly, offering to establish a service contract simplifies their life by eliminating the need to remember to call you to perform the service.

Imagine you own a carpet cleaning company. You can wait until your customer calls you again, or you can set up a service contract where you go and clean your customer’s carpets on a predetermined schedule. This means you have a source of recurring revenue, and the customer is happy because they can take carpet cleaning of their “to-do” list.



Set It And Forget It

“Hassle Free Homes,” offer a Simplifier Subscription Model where, for a fixed monthly fee, the company will manage the routine tasks that pile up on a homeowner’s to-do list. Hassle Free Homes prices its subscription based on the size of your house, and a standard four-bedroom home runs around $350 per month. Each month, the technician runs through a 100-point inspection to make sure everything from your smoke alarm to your furnace filter is working properly. If something needs replacing, the technician handles it and the replacement parts are included in the monthly price.

Jim Vagonis started Washington DC-based Hassle Free Homes to help simplify home ownership. “The owner wants to return from work, put their feet up, and enjoy their home without the hassles of a daily to-do list,” he says. For Vagonis, The Simplifier Subscription Model offers predictability: “In January I can tell my guys how many hours I’ll need them for in July.” He has an annual contract renewal rate of more than 90%.



Who This Model Works Best For

Consider The Simplifier Model if you have:

  • A service that your customers need on an ongoing basis.
  • The ability to sell to relatively affluent, busy consumers.
  • A personal service business like pet grooming, massage, tutoring, swimming pool care, window cleaning, etc.


What The Insiders Say
  • Discover your Simplifier Subscription Model by interviewing your target customer and asking yourself how you could take care of part of their to-do list.
  • Set up a regular schedule for delivering your service. Part of the value proposition of The Simplifier Subscription Model is that you will remember to do the task so the customer doesn’t have to.
  • An ongoing service contract is a platform for cross-selling and up-selling. Your customer may need other services on a regular basis, and you’re already a trusted resource.


Recurring Revenue is one of the “8 Key Drivers Of Company Value” from the Value Builder System™️, which I use to help small business owners increase the overall value of their businesses.

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So if you’re a business owner who’s planning ahead and considering ways to exit your business on your terms, I hope the information I provide in the coming weeks will help you reach those goals. If you would like to chat to me about this in person, feel free to book a slot in my calendar and we can discuss it further.



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